What is Systematic Typology? – Part Four

Wheels Within Wheels

The structure of the Bible resembles something which was grown rather than built, composed rather than assembled. Its employment of “structure-as-sign” at every level from micro- to macrocosmic leads to the conclusion that a hermeneutic worthy of Scripture requires not only training in history, art and music but also the wits bequeathed to us by modern fractal geometry.

Beauty and Power

A testimonial from a reader who is a structural engineer:

I just wanted to communicate to you my appreciation for your work and to encourage you that it has an effect.

At this point, I cannot even remember what crooked path led me to your stuff, but I have read Bible Matrix I and II and just finished God’s Kitchen.

I have always had an appetite for reading and studying Scripture, even as a youngster (I am 59 now). Reading your books has opened up a whole new vista and increased my appreciation for the beauty and power of the Word.

I cannot say that I have a thorough grasp on what you are communicating, but I stumble across the matrix regularly and it has affected how I live life, generally. My only regret is that it has taken me this long to find your books. I trust God’s sovereignty, but I wish that I were able to lead my children into this understanding. They are now on their own, but I plan to do what I can to introduce your work to them. (Both of my sons-in-law are artists, so perhaps they will catch on more quickly than I.)

I am planning on introducing your work to friends that I feel like are ready. I have explained the seven point matrix in an attempt to help several people understand why they might be facing various trials. I find that they are encouraged to encounter a Biblical structure that helps them understand the purpose and provides hope.

I am going to go back through the three books that I have already read and I am looking forward to what comes next.

Thanks again for your work. God bless you in your efforts. I think that these books will have an impact for God’s Kingdom long after you and I are no longer here.

Mark Batten
San Diego CA