Revelation – Cycle 2

The Tabernacle Man

The second literary “cycle” of the Revelation continues the stream of subtle hints concerning what is to come. The cog wheel precision of the typological rhythm not only builds our anticipation of what will be revealed, it reads like a ticking clock, slowly building to the sound of a beating drum. This was a countdown to an evening and a morning which would change the world forever.

John – Cycle 1

Just as the Tabernacle was a “microcosmos” which served as a sacrificial substitute for the world, so John 1 presents Jesus as a human tabernacle. In the first Covenant-literary cycle of his Gospel, John works through the Bible Matrix with a focus on the Creation Week. Just as Day 7 was to be an entering into God’s rest for Adam, and the final step in the Tabernacle construction was its filling with God’s glory, here the Christ is the Adam who himself is a Tabernacle filled with glory, in this case, Ethical glory—grace and truth.

Cosmic Language – Part 2

Part 1 is here.

The Image of Man

This brings us to a substitutionary atonement which we do understand, the fulfilment of the cruciform Tabernacle in the cross of Christ. Although Jesus’ execution was Physical and Social, it was primarily Personal. Beginning in Galilee (World), working through Judah and Samaria (Land) and ending in Jerusalem (Garden), Christ alone ascended to rule all nations.